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Mine, by Daphne Xourafi, 2021

Amina is living in the big city, working from home. When adult life pressures reach an all time high, her house comes alive in strange and unusual ways, forcing her to face an invisible enemy to save her work day.

Mine is Daphne Xourafi's first short film, having won as a pitch the funding and support of the Greek Film Center and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece, in 2020. The pitch for her next film called "Fishbowl" also won the Balkan Animation Pitching Forum first award, and is currently looking for support and funding.

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"Mine" Trailer

Director's Statement

Most of my stories deal with the mental anguish of my generation, the journey of being a woman in a world built against us, the prisons which are our minds and our bodies and the ways to escape them through community, service and friendship. “Mine” is my first short film, created in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, dealing with the mental state of being trapped inside our heads without even realizing, and how we are ultimately the only ones holding the key to change.

As a survivor of intense mental health struggles, this film is a love letter to who we were, who we are and who we will all be after the storm passes. I truly hope it will make people watching it understand a bit of the mental health crisis my generation is going through and help in the fight for proper resources and support to fight this systemic issue. I also hope it will make everyone, whether they can identify themselves in the film or not, feel less alone, during some of the loneliest years of our lives.

Daphne Xourafi

Poster for Mine, drawn by Daphne Xourafi, 2022

Mine Film Poster by
Daphne Xourafi

Stills from the film


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Writing, Directing, 2d Backgrounds & Characters, Animation, Editing

Daphne Xourafi

Instagram: @_.scopophobia._


Thanos Kyratzis

Instagram: @tha.nostos 


Harry Andre Katsilis

Twitter: @harryandremusic


Rigging, additional animation, supervising

Stefanos Pletsis
Twitter: @Scrapdogo


Paul Drauz-Brown
TwitterL @supersensory
Instagram: @supersensory_


Early Ideas and Concept Art

Awards and Press

Press and Interviews about Mine-2022